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Bishara Mustafa is a Photographer by profession with keen interest in teaching photography​. A graduate in Professional Photography from New York Institute of Photography (NYIP), his area of expertise includes teaching,  fast action, sports and wildlife photography.


He is currently an Instructor / Mentor at Nikon School (MEA) and also does private coaching for newbies / amateurs in the different genres of photography.

He has 6 years’ experience of leading  workshops and has successfully helped more than 5,800 beginners / amateur photographers develop their photography skills in different genres from Basics to Wildlife to Post Processing photos.

His students range from school children in summer camps to more formal courses for adults / corporates.  


Photography is his passion, and he looks forward to excel into more genre......


Enjoy photography & Keep clicking!

Other Credits,

NIKON MEA certified instructor

Founding Member of FotografiaQ8 (FQ8)

Founding Member of FQ8 Kuwait Club

Lifetime member of Photomuse 

Member of New York institute of Photography

Member of Photographic Society of America

Member of United states Press Agency | Photography Trainer | Nikon Mentor | Photography Classes In Kuwait |


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