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Basic Photography workshops

Basic Photography Training

An ideal course for beginners with DSLR's & for those planning to move from point and shoot to DSLR cameras & wanting to get more out of their photography.

We try to change your minds from using AUTO mode to totally MANUAL mode.

Newbie? Don't sweat. Intermediary? There is always room for more to learn.

Mysteries of digital photography demystified. This course touches upon fundamentals of photography & most importantly understanding your camera & getting the best out of it to get the right shot always! 

  • 5.5 hours of class room session of which 3hours of practicals.

  • Practical to be practiced at home

  • 3 months of support as emails whatapp phone call and coffee shop meets. 

  • Invitation to all free and paid events happening throughout the year for life time.


Here’s what you’ll discover on training with me

  • Learn the blueprint for taking amazing photos in any situation

  • Avoid some of the common mistakes most photographers make

  • Make sense of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO

  • Learn what you need to know to take manual control of your DSLR camera

  • Finally DEMYSTIFY the bells and whistles of your DSLR camera

  • Step by step process for creating amazing DSLR photos every time

  • Foundation for a professional photographer

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